Episode 084: How Do You Know When You’re Right?

How do you know when you’re right?

How is it that everyone else seems to put something out into the world, and it’s a smashing success every time? Stuff at other people put out is growing a huge audience, making millions of dollars and creating the fame and legacy that you wish you had. They go dormant for a while and build up something amazing in their time outside of the spotlight, and then BAM they come out hard with a seriously awesome product and an even more seriously awesome audience following them.

What’s better is that when people start off, it takes them a seriously long time to get going. Along the way, they make tons of mistakes and fail over and over again before actually getting something good to come out the other side.

This is the mindset you should be having – look forward to the inevitable failures.

My favorite way to put this is “embrace the suck”. You know your first product, first pitch, etc is going to suck. Better to hear that from a constructive entrepreneur AND get feedback that you can use.

The big takeaway on this episode is to KEEP testing, practicing, digesting content, etc. until you feel comfortable actually making a run at whatever it is you’re doing. There is no such thing if knowing what you’re about to do is going to be considered a goal, but there is a way to become more comfortable and confident. This only comes with experience, which you can’t get any other than except by pushing to make it happen.

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