Episode 081: Are You Ready for Q4?

Quarter 4 is a weird time of year for business owner/entrepreneurs. Especially us online sellers. The sales pick up dramatically almost overnight, and yet the overwhelming concern of stock issues and cash flow issues is constantly nagging.

Q4 is certainly an awesome time of the year for generating revenue, and it’s hard to remain focused on the next phase, which is really Q1 of the following year. That’s exactly what we need to be capable of doing though, is looking forward 3-4 months and always being one step ahead. In this episode, I dive into some of the issues that people run into when they encounter their first Q4 while running an online brand or selling a product for the first time. To some of you this is old news, to other it could very well be an education 🙂

In this episode, I also get into Merch a bit. There are certain strategies for Merch that people don’t realize. Part of this is seasonal designs and part of it is, again, preparing for Q1 of next year.

In general, Q4 is a great time of the year to start to plan out what’s going to be coming next for you. I personally don’t set resolutions anymore for the new year. I have continuous waves of small goals that all sort of feed into bigger picture goals. To do this, I use a dream board. From that dream board, my actions inherently map to the things that will lead me directly to the items on that dream board.

Check out the episode, and kick some ass in Q4 this year.