Episode 025: From Corporate Finance to Being a Digital Nomad – Interview with Michelle Dale of Virtual Miss Friday

In this episode, I interview the amazing mother, world traveler, entrepreneur, and digital nomad Michelle Dale.

Ever wonder what those people who pick up and leave a successful and stable career to start a new life are REALLY thinking? Michelle Dale is a person who did exactly that, and in this episode she explains the what’s and why’s behind her decision to buy a one-way plane ticket from the UK all the way to Egypt (roughly a 10 hour flight by the way).

After her relocation, Michelle tried a number of different entrepreneurial pursuits before finding her strength in virtual assistant services. She started as a VA and fast forward a few years and she’s running a wildly successful business by the name of Virtual Miss Friday. This company provides VA services, VA coaching and individual coaching to entrepreneurs of digital products and services. Not only that, Michelle and her team are VERY good at what they do. What’s more? Michelle still hasn’t settled down after all these years. She continues to travel the world with her husband and 3 kids, exposing them to all of the awesome and amazing things that the world has to offer, all before they are even double digits in age!

One of the most insightful things that Michelle talks about is not just finding your “why” but also making the effort to establish the lifestyle you want BEFORE trying to pursue your entrepreneurial journey. Her rationale makes perfect sense: set the tone, and put the pieces in place to keep that tone where it is. This is a huge mindset shift from what most entrepreneurs think when they are just starting out, which is usually something like “when I get xx dollars coming in every month, I will be able to change my lifestyle and finally be happy.” Try giving some thought to changing the order of those two things, and see how impactful that can be on the way you might approach EVERYTHING going forward.

Get in touch with Michelle and see what amazing things she is up to, or what she can do for your digital business:

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