Episode 004: Staying Firm To Your ‘Why’ with Anthony Lee of ZonBlast

In this episode, I talk with the COO of ZonBlast, Anthony Lee. Anthony is many things, and his position at ZonBlast is just a minor component within the mix. He is a husband, father of two daughters, author, business owner, brand builder, product developer, and curator of positivity. Anthony is all around a very humble guy with a tremendous amount of success behind him and in front of him.

Throughout the interview, Anthony reveals a lot about the failures in his past, which were many. He explains how his entrepreneurial pursuits yielded no return time and time again, but he continued to drive forward regardless. His reason for this? His family. More specifically, his daughters. You will hear Anthony tell a powerful story about his oldest daughter and what kind of impact Anthony had on her from when she was very young to near adulthood.


As a product developer for his own businesses and brands, Anthony spends a fair amount of time dealing with and working with suppliers from China. He has designed products remotely with his suppliers many times, but has found this to be taxing and to take up WAY too much time. In this interview, Anthony reveals his solution for dealing with this in a very jaw-dropping way that will improve his productivity exponentially.


Anthony also talks about the direction of ZonBlast moving forward, including the new face and name of the company. He is a visionary in the e-commerce world and is helping to lead the charge for ZonBlast to expand into the next phase of it’s continued success.


Finally, one of the greatest things you will hear in this interview is Anthony’s take on failure, the fact that it sucks, and what to do about it.


Anthony can be reached at:

e-mail (anthony@reidandwrightpublishing.com)


Anthony’s Publishing Company:

Reid and Wright Publishing


ZonBlast – Amazon Product Launch Company



Anthony’s books:

Bootstrapping E-Commerce: How to Import and Sell on Amazon Pt.1

Bootstrapping E-Commerce: Advanced Amazon Tactics


Episode 003: Intelligent Strategies Using Calculated Patience

In this episode, I break down why planning on having patience from the beginning is one of the most intelligent ways to achieve success. The term “calculated patience” is a phrase I came up with to describe an approach to business building and productivity that utilizes forced patience from the beginning. In other words, calculating into the business plan algorithm a variable of uncertainty that can (and will) occur at any time, with a varying magnitude.

Business plans aren’t the most exciting topic. They’re not always exciting to design and create (sometimes they are), but they are NECESSARY for success. When I say “business plan” – that is something that is quite different from person to person, and business to business; however, in most cases, there’s one or multiple major goals. Once those goals are identified, there is a roadmap with milestones that lead to those goals. The more granular you can be with those milestones, the better. Most people have a general idea of how to write a business plan similar to how I just described it. What most people struggle with, especially new business and brand builders, is planning enough time into the plan in order to exercise the patience necessary to deal with the bumps and bruises that happen along the way.

Where most people fail in trying to do something amazing (like build a business, achieve that fitness goal, write that book, etc) is in the seemingly never-ending obstacles that pop up. In this episode I provide some insight into how this happens, why this happens, and how to avoid letting these obstacles overwhelm you to the point of quitting. I provide 5 ACTIONABLE tips in this episode on how to ensure that you don’t let the speed bumps take over your productivity, and in doing so, achieving that success that you are so vehemently pursuing.

The 5 tips that I have for you today, which can be put into practice IMMEDIATELY are:

  1. Avoid the Distractions

    • You have a goal. You have a plan to get there. Don’t let the endless distractions get in the way. The more you get distracted, the farther behind you will likely be, and it will be much more difficult to NOT get overwhelmed when an obstacles arises. Stay focused, be patient.

  2. Don’t Have a False Expectation of an Unrealistic Return

    • Setting your plan up to yield an unrealistic result is a bad idea. Never plan on hitting home runs. Try for base hits, and eventually they will add up to amazing things. If you plan on home runs and don’t hit any, the disappointment will compound and you won’t be doing anybody any favors. Have realistic expectations, and it will be easier to incorporate the patience needed to get there.

  3. Stay Committed

    • A lot of people succeed at a lot of things. Most of the time they work tirelessly towards that goal to get there. Just because you hear about someone having tremendous success in a new business domain doesn’t mean you should chase it. Stay committed to what you planned to do and see it through. You never know when you are one minor step away from striking gold.

  4. Accountability

    • As humans, we are NOT good at holding ourselves accountable for much of anything. A journal is good for this, but a coach or mentor is better. Masterminds are great as well. Find one of these, and use it to your advantage.

  5. Chase What You Are Passionate About

    • I kept this last on purpose. It’s obvious but most people don’t do it. Chasing the money always seems like a great idea in the beginning, but that excitement does not last. For some reason, it usually seems like chasing the thing you’re passionate about is infinitely harder, but it’s really not; it just requires a little creativity in ways that might feel uncomfortable. I guarantee if you identify the niche and articulate it clearly, you will be able to find the audience and connect with them, you will then be able to provide the content needed to deepen that connection with the audience. If you do this well, you will be rewarded. Chase your passion.

Remember, be patient 😉


Podcast Episode 002: Creating a Business Out of Necessity with Amanda Dixon

In this episode, I chat with a successful entrepreneur named Amanda Dixon. Amanda is a mother of 2, devoted wife, and owner of a successful physical products brand called Baby Love.

Throughout this interview, you will find out what Baby Love is, and why it was created. Amanda did NOT create Baby Love as a cashflow business or just to make some money (though there is nothing wrong with that). Amanda created Baby Love out of necessity. She had a major pain point in her life that involved her children, and she created a product to solve that pain point. Then she realized she wasn’t the only person in the world with this pain point, and from there she began marketing and selling her products to her target audience, and the money started pouring in as a result.

Amanda’s product line was so successful, and she believed in it so much that she decided to go all in. She quit her 9-5 job, began reinvesting the profits from her business and started rolling out additional products under the Baby Love name. About a year later, Amanda is doing VERY well for herself.

You will hear Amanda’s reasons for pursuing this lifestyle and goal beyond the initial need for the product. This includes a financial incentive, but not in the way you are probably thinking. Everything Amanda does comes back full circle to her “why” or her “reason”, which is her family.

Amanda and her brand can be found at:


or email her directly at info@babyloveusa.com

Podcast Episode 001: The Addictive Feeling of Pushing Through

This episode is about pushing through (insert hindrance of choice: barriers, walls, obstacles, plateaus, etc). The point is: we all encounter some kind of road block, and the only way to continue to make progress is to some how grind your way through the gauntlet, no matter how beat up and broken you become on your way to the other side. It’s getting to the other side that matters.

Believe it or not, there is an addictive nature to accomplishing goals. Some people call it momentum, some people call it adapting to the new “normal” of productivity, some people call it simply enjoying the feeling of accomplishment. Whatever you want to call it, that addictive feeling is very real.

Think about all of the weight loss transformations you have seen over the years. Ever notice how a lot of them are pretty dramatic? 50 lbs, 70 lbs, 100 lbs, 120 lbs. There’s a real reason behind why when people begin to lose weight they don’t stop at 10 lbs. There is an addictive nature to success and accomplishment. In fitness/weight loss, there are REAL, measurable, visible results that often drive people to keep pushing and getting even more results. In business? Maybe not so much.

If you’ve ever built a business then you know just how many times you have to re-align, re-focus, re-baseline yourself along the way. There are plenty of things that get in the way of making progress and it can be challenging to the point where you feel like you’re going backwards. This is annoying, stressful, and obviously creates a massive distraction in your life. So how do you go home at the end of the day and play with your kids and try to recharge? Well, if you’re having trouble doing all of this, then will want to check out this episode along with some future ones.

My strategy for pushing through these hard times is making sure I have the expectation of difficult times. I begin new things with open arms towards the difficult or challenging times. I know they’re coming, because it always happens. As long as I prepare myself to take on the difficult obstacles before they happen, then I’m able to put my head down and trudge forward through the barrier.

Create the motivation to keep going by embracing the difficult times and always be moving forward.



Podcast Episode 000: Introduction & What To Expect

Episode Zero of the Fit Successful Dad podcast is the platform in which I, Gordon Light, will introduce myself to you and inform you about all the details and inner-workings behind the podcast. In this episode, you will learn:


  • Who I am, my background including some personal and business experiences

  • Why I created the Fit Successful Dad podcast

  • What the podcast means to me personally

  • What the purpose of the podcast is for you, the listener

  • The structure of the podcast

  • The frequency of the release of new episodes

  • Some other fun facts and details about myself and the show


Fit Successful Dad (or as I refer to it frequently as “FSD”) is essentially something I created around my typical thought process. I believe in the unity of a fit state, both mentally and physically, along with a fit emotional connection to both. I also believe that in achieving this, anyone can use that as fuel to confidently move forward to be successful in anything they want. I have proven this for myself time and time again, including being a dad.

There is a massive piece to the puzzle that makes up a lot of entrepreneurs that is often overlooked, which is the fact that a lot of us are parents. How is it possible that someone carves their own path in this world, creating something from nothing and becomes their own boss doing what they love? Well, imagine doing all of that AND having to raise, feed, clothe, house and protect a child? Or two? Or three? Being a parent adds a whole new level of complexity that is UNMATCHED by anything else. The Fit Successful Dad podcast is going to explore that on a weekly basis by interviewing successful entrepreneurs and trying to understand how they manage to do both so well.

In addition to one weekly interview, I am going to have two discussion episodes every week as well. These episodes are going to explore more business and entrepreneurial-related topics, including actionable strategies and techniques that can be applied to ANY business or new endeavor; however, there is a difference between this show and other shows. The difference is that everything I discuss will be tailored around the apparent understanding that you probably have a child at home and are trying to build this masterpiece AROUND being an amazing mom or dad, and possibly working a job on top of all of that. Why do I care about this very specific lifestyle? The reason is because I am currently living it, and I know there are many people out there interested in creating something that are in the same situation.