Episode 085: Stop Planning & Start Doing

This is for those who talk and talk and dream and hope and wish but don’t do anything to push themselves. If this is you, you need to stop what you’re doing and listen for a minute – I’m going to give you the playbook to living a more fulfilled life right now.


Chances are, one of the reasons you haven’t done anything to move towards the life you actually want is because you can’t get clear.


Here’s an easy way to figure out your next move and it takes a month, but it’s so worth it. Write down the top 5 things you’d rather do to earn money than the job you have right now. Every 4 hours when you’re awake, look at the list and put a star next to the one that excites you the most. Do this every 4 hours for a week and scratch off the item with the fewest stars.


Rinse and repeat for 4 weeks until you end up with one thing. Now, you’ve already invested a month towards this thing. You’ve been thinking about it, it’s been on your mind and you’ve been looking at it on a piece of paper every 4 hours, every day, for a month. You’ve already done more than most people at this point. Time to move forward.


Start Googling and watching YouTube videos on how people start businesses in that field. Do this every day for 1 hour minimum, for another month. Take notes, watch videos twice, etc, until you really feel like you’ve learned something. Now execute on it.


If you’ve made it this far, you have now executed for two months towards something you’re passionate about. Have you made any money on it? No. Have you grown an audience around this thing? No. Do you even have a clear and direct income stream figured out? No. This is where it gets real – you have a thing, you know what to do, but the real work begins because now you have to figure out a way to actually earn money and grow that thing. The next step is simple, but time consuming…network.


Go onto a social media platform of your choosing, and contact every single person doing the thing you want to do. Ask them questions, learn, and start to build your thing.


It’s getting towards the end of the year when most people slow down to a halt. This is the perfect opportunity for you to really grind down on your thing so that you actually end the year with momentum. You’re not winding down, you’re winding up. When 2018 rolls around you’re swinging full speed and crushing it while that stupid ball drops in New York City.

Episode 084: How Do You Know When You’re Right?

How do you know when you’re right?

How is it that everyone else seems to put something out into the world, and it’s a smashing success every time? Stuff at other people put out is growing a huge audience, making millions of dollars and creating the fame and legacy that you wish you had. They go dormant for a while and build up something amazing in their time outside of the spotlight, and then BAM they come out hard with a seriously awesome product and an even more seriously awesome audience following them.

What’s better is that when people start off, it takes them a seriously long time to get going. Along the way, they make tons of mistakes and fail over and over again before actually getting something good to come out the other side.

This is the mindset you should be having – look forward to the inevitable failures.

My favorite way to put this is “embrace the suck”. You know your first product, first pitch, etc is going to suck. Better to hear that from a constructive entrepreneur AND get feedback that you can use.

The big takeaway on this episode is to KEEP testing, practicing, digesting content, etc. until you feel comfortable actually making a run at whatever it is you’re doing. There is no such thing if knowing what you’re about to do is going to be considered a goal, but there is a way to become more comfortable and confident. This only comes with experience, which you can’t get any other than except by pushing to make it happen.

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Episode 083: How Hard Are You REALLY Working?

The name says it all – ask yourself, and be honest with the response: “How hard am I really working?”.

All business models (including Merch By Amazon FYI) are hard, and require a lot of work. Some are harder than others, and require more work. Often times the ones that take the most work, and most energy, are the ones that pay off the most in the long run (fulfillment, financially, etc).

Take inventory of just how much effort you’re putting in, and get clear on how hard you’re actually trying, as well as how hard you really WANT to work now and in the future.


Episode 082: Find Clarity Through Testing

You read books, listen to podcasts, watch youtube videos, and attend conferences with exposure to tons of entrepreneurs, inventors, content creators, etc. They all seem to be killing it. More importantly, they all seem to have it FIGURED OUT. You want to have it all “figured out” too.

You lose sleep, tossing and turning about what you should be doing. You know you’re capable of achieving or building something, but you don’t know exactly what that is. It’s that exact reason that you haven’t taken action – because you don’t know what to take action on.

How do you figure that out?

In this episode, we get into how someone can take something simple like their career, or something they went to college for, or something they’re highly experienced with, and turn that into a business. The example lies in the realm of electrical engineering. Not interested in engineering? That’s perfectly fine – the example is still relevant and parallels ANYTHING else you can possibly think of.

Have a listen and learn how YOU can take a simple topic that you’re passionate about, and dissect it to go DEEP in order to reveal the niche power within it. Remember…”the riches are in the niches” 😉



Episode 081: Are You Ready for Q4?

Quarter 4 is a weird time of year for business owner/entrepreneurs. Especially us online sellers. The sales pick up dramatically almost overnight, and yet the overwhelming concern of stock issues and cash flow issues is constantly nagging.

Q4 is certainly an awesome time of the year for generating revenue, and it’s hard to remain focused on the next phase, which is really Q1 of the following year. That’s exactly what we need to be capable of doing though, is looking forward 3-4 months and always being one step ahead. In this episode, I dive into some of the issues that people run into when they encounter their first Q4 while running an online brand or selling a product for the first time. To some of you this is old news, to other it could very well be an education 🙂

In this episode, I also get into Merch a bit. There are certain strategies for Merch that people don’t realize. Part of this is seasonal designs and part of it is, again, preparing for Q1 of next year.

In general, Q4 is a great time of the year to start to plan out what’s going to be coming next for you. I personally don’t set resolutions anymore for the new year. I have continuous waves of small goals that all sort of feed into bigger picture goals. To do this, I use a dream board. From that dream board, my actions inherently map to the things that will lead me directly to the items on that dream board.

Check out the episode, and kick some ass in Q4 this year.



Episode 080: Are you too good for social media?

The title of this episode says it all, in the form of a question…are you too good for social media?

Do you know anyone in your life that likes to always remind everyone in the room that they don’t use “snap face” or “insta book” or whatever clever name that they think is witty and funny at the time? Do they wear the fact that they don’t use social media like a badge of honor? Do they like to make it seem like they’re superior because they haven’t “given in” or “drank the kool aid” that is social media?

Everyone has someone like this in their life…family, friends, colleagues, work buddies, clients, whatever. The fact of the matter is, they are perfectly happy without social media, and that is fine. They probably aren’t trying to build a business, or gather awareness for anything in particular (a band, a charity, an organization, their book, etc). They probably go to their job (or not), then go home and do little to nothing for the rest of the day before going to bed, then they rinse and repeat the next day. All of this is perfectly fine. Except it’s not.

As entrepreneurs, we are trying to build something. When trying to build something, we like to promote it, talk about it, engage with our audience (no matter how big or small it is), meet other entrepreneurs, etc. All of this requires a platform for communicating. That platform…is social media.

Are you utilizing social media properly? Are you utilizing it at all? You have more reach, more opportunity, and more capability using social media than any other method in terms of reaching and grabbing hold of your audience. Video, pictures, written stories, combinations of all 3, they are all available to you and they are free. You are probably subscribed to at least one of the major social media applications, but you may not be using the right one. You also may already be using the right one, but not using it right. The thing that I believe most people miss about social media platforms is that they are constantly evolving, and what might have worked or not worked 6 months ago may perform the opposite today.

This is a pretty saturated topic but I meet too many people on a regular basis that like to talk about how they don’t participate in social media for a myriad of reasons, and then complain at the same time for not making progress in whatever they are trying to do. Want a following? Want people to buy your stuff, listen to your music, read your books, look at your art, etc? Use social media.