Episode 026: Embrace Failure In Order to Reach Success

In this episode, I discuss a very necessary topic with a clear message that all entrepreneurs (especially those starting out) NEED to hear.

Are you concerned about failure?

Do you hesitate to make a move because you don’t want to be rejected, lose money, get a bad review, go up against competition, or find yourself having no clear path? These are feelings that EVERY entrepreneur has. What’s the difference between those entrepreneurs that are successful and those that aren’t? Successful entrepreneurs keep pushing, regardless of the repeated failures that they encounter.

If you aren’t willing to accept any risk, or deal with the “failures” that occur throughout your journey, then you will not be successful. Plain and simple.

The bottom line is if you want the lifestyle that you’ve identified as ideal, and all of the other benefits that come along with that (financial freedom, to better provide for your family, etc), then you need to be willing to take a few punches. Again, all entrepreneurs go through this, myself included.

Having said that all, I believe in you, and with a little discipline, you will conquer those goals.

Go. Be. Productive.


Episode 025: From Corporate Finance to Being a Digital Nomad – Interview with Michelle Dale of Virtual Miss Friday

In this episode, I interview the amazing mother, world traveler, entrepreneur, and digital nomad Michelle Dale.

Ever wonder what those people who pick up and leave a successful and stable career to start a new life are REALLY thinking? Michelle Dale is a person who did exactly that, and in this episode she explains the what’s and why’s behind her decision to buy a one-way plane ticket from the UK all the way to Egypt (roughly a 10 hour flight by the way).

After her relocation, Michelle tried a number of different entrepreneurial pursuits before finding her strength in virtual assistant services. She started as a VA and fast forward a few years and she’s running a wildly successful business by the name of Virtual Miss Friday. This company provides VA services, VA coaching and individual coaching to entrepreneurs of digital products and services. Not only that, Michelle and her team are VERY good at what they do. What’s more? Michelle still hasn’t settled down after all these years. She continues to travel the world with her husband and 3 kids, exposing them to all of the awesome and amazing things that the world has to offer, all before they are even double digits in age!

One of the most insightful things that Michelle talks about is not just finding your “why” but also making the effort to establish the lifestyle you want BEFORE trying to pursue your entrepreneurial journey. Her rationale makes perfect sense: set the tone, and put the pieces in place to keep that tone where it is. This is a huge mindset shift from what most entrepreneurs think when they are just starting out, which is usually something like “when I get xx dollars coming in every month, I will be able to change my lifestyle and finally be happy.” Try giving some thought to changing the order of those two things, and see how impactful that can be on the way you might approach EVERYTHING going forward.

Get in touch with Michelle and see what amazing things she is up to, or what she can do for your digital business:

Virtual Miss Friday Website


Twitter (@miss_friday)

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Episode 024: Money Maker Series Pt. 3 – Creating Online Courses

This is Part 3 of a multi-part series that I call the “Money Maker Series” – specifically designed to break down my recommended top 5 easiest ways to make money online. Subscribe to also hear the rest of the episodes as they air over the next few weeks. And also share this with someone in YOUR life that could benefit from an additional funding stream.

In this episode, I explore the creation and distribution of online courses.

Online courses are an amazing way to create a passive income stream. Don’t get me wrong, there is work involved. The work that is involved is substantial, and what is produced at the end must be GOOD. However, the end result can be so rewarding, both financially and for building an audience. I have a few questions listed below with answers, which will probably clear up a lot of the unknowns that you may have regarding online courses.

Why online courses?

You are an expert in something. You know more about something specific than most people. There are also people out there throughout the world that want to know that skill that you possess, and they will pay for it.

What is an online course?

An online course is essentially a training course that someone enrolls in, usually by paying a “tuition” in order to gain access. Once access is gained, they work their way through the course at their own pace, and in the end they have developed a skillset or an education in the topic that the course was created around. An example would be a course on an Introduction to Adobe Photoshop; a student would pay tuition to gain access, then they would take the course and once completed, they would have a deep understanding of the basics of Adobe Photoshop and how to use it.

Why create an online course?

An online course is nearly passive in terms of future income. Once the course is completed, you upload it to a platform (preferably one that already has traffic such as Udemy.com) and take sales. Every couple of weeks, you will see a payout deposited into your account. It is that simple , but of course there are some additional things you can do in order to push additional sales – more on that below.

What does an online course require in order to be good enough to sell?

The answer is quality content. Every course should include video lectures and demonstrations, along with resources such as worksheets, spreadsheets, documents, etc. A quality course also would likely include quizzes or exams along the way at periodic intervals. Most importantly, though, is that all of the content you include in the course should be of the highest quality possible, that provides the most value possible. You want your students to take your course and walk away thinking that was the BEST course, and they got TREMENDOUS value out of it. They can now take that skill set and do something great with it. If you can do that, you will rock the online course game.

What are some common price points for an online course?

This varies wildly. An online course can range in cost from $20 to $300 roughly. More than likely, the pricing will be more tactical (i.e. $197 instead of $200).

How do I create an online course?

If you are asking this question, I highly recommend you check out these two resources:

  1. Teachable.com

  2. Udemy.com

I am not an affiliate for either of those two websites, but I do think they are fantastic platforms for getting started with online courses. They are different from each other in a number of ways, so I encourage you to listen to the podcast episode and check out both websites yourself to see what they look like.

Anybody can create an online course. YOU can create an online course. In fact, you SHOULD create an online course. If you know your subject matter very well (likely through experience), then you can create a great online course, which will earn you money. This is an excellent way to start generating income online without having to handle physical products, inventory, dealing with product returns, etc. This is entirely digital, and can be done using nothing but your smart phone and a laptop.

Do yourself a favor and go search Udemy.com to see what other online courses are available to get a feel for what a real online course looks like. This will set the bar in your head, and you can then determine what sort of up-front effort is needed in order to create the course. Once you get past that point, it’s just a matter of finding your niche, turning on your camera and creating that course.

Now go create something and start to change the world 😉

Take care,



Episode 023: What Are Your Success Habits?

In this episode, I ask you to interrogate yourself about one particular thing: what are your success habits?

Throughout the episode, I break down what I think of when I hear the phrase “success habits”. This phrase really means 3 things to me:

  • Two categories of success habits

  • One set of results

When I break this down even further, I end up in a position where I can provide specific actionable changes that can be made right now in order to start fast tracking you towards success. What is the “success” that you get as a result? Well, that is described below as well, which is sort of the third leg of this triad.

  1. Body

  2. People

  3. Progress


Diet – keeping a consistent diet that is rich with clean, healthy food in order to promote positive health effects. We all have different eating habits, but a cleaner diet is always going to be better than a non-clean diet. Eating natural foods is always going to be better than non-natural foods. We aren’t all bodybuilders, and don’t need to eat like bodybuilders, but we should be conscientious enough to not overeat, and to choose foods that we are truly comfortable putting in our bodies.

Exercise – I never go more than 72 hours without exercising. Something happens after 72 hours of no exercise, where it becomes even easier to continue to not exercise. I’ve proven this to myself time and time again, and will never recommend people go longer than 72 hours without some sort of workout.

Morning Routine – keep a consistent and healthy morning routine. This means a consistent wake-up time, a consistent breakfast, coffee (if you drink it), and anything else you think might be crucial to kick-starting your day off the right way. Likewise, you want a healthy and consistent night routine. The morning routine, however, will be the habit that sets the tone for the day, every day.

Sleep – Sleep is underrated. Get more consistent sleep, and make sure you are actually getting ENOUGH sleep, and not just the bare minimum.


Communication – communicate with people clearly and concisely.  Whether it is written or verbal, you must be clear and concise. It doesn’t matter if you’re being very friendly, positive and forthcoming; if the recipient doesn’t understand what you’re saying, the whole intent is lost. Be clear. Be concise.

Appreciation – whether you are talking to an angry customer or a potential partner in a future project, show appreciation for their time and be respectful of them as people. You would want the same in return. Being appreciative will come back ten fold, because you will be remembered as the person who was generous, regardless of whatever they were talking about. Positivity is remembered, negativity or neutrality is often forgotten quickly.

Patience – be patient with people. There is no need to try and rush everything. You should respect the fact that people you are dealing with want to think and consider things before making a decision. If you’re building an influencer base, you need to be patient with building trust with them. Things do not typically happen overnight, so be patient when cultivating relationships. We all need relationships in business, and if you’re patient, you can build the RIGHT relationships to help you down the road.


Having a positive, healthy lifestyle will give you the confidence, drive, and cognizance to become totally CLEAR on your goals and ideas. If you thought you were clear before, you will find that you are even clearer once you have good, healthy success habits at your core. Strong success habits will also allow you to more easily and effectively take small steps DAILY, which are crucial to moving forward, especially if you are a busy parent. Lastly, strong success habits help build a strong personality which will allow you to EMBRACE FAILURES. If you can’t embrace the failures, you won’t make progress. You need to learn what NOT to do, in order to learn what TO do. Some of this can be coached and mentored, and some of it has to be learned through experience, for better or worse.

Incorporate some of these success habits TODAY, and begin to see the change in productivity and progress.

Take care,


Episode 022: From Corporate Finance to Cruelty Free Beauty Products – Interview with Rita Almusa of Mint Pear Beauty

In this episode, I interview highly successful mom, wife, entrepreneur and owner of Mint Pear Beauty, Rita Almusa.

A few years ago, Rita was working a pretty relatable 9-5 job in corporate finance. After grinding away year after year, Rita found herself wanting more freedom. Again, this is a relatable and common story. What’s NOT common about this story, is what Rita did after she realized that she couldn’t handle it anymore.

You see, Rita is passionate about makeup and beauty products; moreover, Rita demands the highest quality in the products she uses on her body, and they must be made from cruelty free sources. Rather than search high and low for everything she was looking for, she created her own brand of cruelty free, vegan friendly beauty products and called the brand Mint Pear. Rita even went as far as to ensure that Mint Pear was, and continues to be a Leaping Bunny Certified brand. Rita takes pride in this, as not a lot of beauty products companies put forth the effort to obtain this certification.

Rita and Mint Pear currently take sales on Amazon, MintPear.com, and some of their products can also be found in some of the popular subscription makeup and beauty boxes.

In this episode, Rita breaks down how exactly she went from grinding in a corporate 9-5 job to creating a brand around something she is passionate about, creating the financial and schedule freedom that she wanted in order to be able to be present for her family and live the lifestyle she really wanted.

Connect with Rita and MintPear:



Episode 021: Money Maker Series Pt.2 – Amazon FBA 3 of 3

This episode is a continuation of the Amazon FBA 3-part breakdown that is a subset of my “Money Maker Series”. If you have not yet checked out the first two of this Amazon breakdown, I recommend listening to episode 15 here and 18 here.

In this episode, I move into the steps required to really be successful with your product now that you have identified what you want to sell, ordered product and have created the listing. The topics that I will be covering in this episode are:

  • Launch/Blast Services
  • Promotions
  • Sponsored Ads
  • Keyword Analytics
  • Split Testing
  • Follow-up Email Campaigns

These steps are the steps you should be taking now that your product is up on Amazon and selling. Your products are already moving on Amazon, which is great – so now it’s time to really dial in on how to make sure you get the most sales, provide the best customer service, and optimize everything in order to have the highest profit margin possible. All of these items listed are simple to start; however, like most things, you can overcomplicate them by trying to analyze to unnecessarily deep levels. Everything provided in this podcast series is enough to get started with Amazon FBA. Once you have got past that point, then it is time to take everything to the next level, which we will do in the future here on the podcast.

As I have stated in the past, I am NOT an Amazon FBA expert, but I do run successful products on Amazon in which I take orders and make sales daily. If this is a scenario you would like to experience in order to bring in an additional funding stream, I can help you do that. Listen to this episode, take notes if you need to, or even listen to it multiple times, and feel free to reach out to me if you need an additional resource.

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Take care





Episode 020: Eliminate Limiting Beliefs and Find Your Greatness

In this episode, I reveal the single most crippling barrier we all face daily: limiting beliefs.

Everyone has limiting beliefs, even those of us who have had success in the past. Even those who have bachelors, masters or doctorate degrees and have spent years putting those skills developed by academia into practice. Every millionaire that I have interviewed has demonstrated or discussed some type of limiting belief that they have dealt with in the past and continue to deal with despite their tremendous successes. This is a function of human nature, and there isn’t much we can do to prevent these thoughts from occurring in our heads. What we can do, however, is deal with them by fighting back.

Have you ever had a knot in your stomach when you were about to do something brand new for the first time? This could have occurred when you were about to talk to someone that you wanted a relationship with, or went to a job interview, or threw a sales pitch at a potentially huge client. Did you go through with it? If so, what was the result? Maybe you got the date, or the job, or made the sale….and maybe you didn’t. One thing is for sure, you probably felt WAY BETTER after you faced your fear and went through with it, regardless of the result.

So many people let themselves hold them back from something. There are a lot of things we cannot control, no matter how hard we try. Then there are other things we can absolutely control. One of the things you, and everyone else is able to control, is the ability to take action. That is entirely up to you to do. So if you aren’t moving forward, it’s not because someone else is holding you back. If you aren’t moving forward, it is because YOU are getting in your own way.

If you have kids like I do, think about all of the “firsts” they have to encounter on a regular basis. Some kids are shy, and they develop that “knot” in their stomach. As a parent, what do we tell them? We say stuff like:

  • “Take a deep breath, and just go do it”
  • “You’ll feel better when it’s done”
  • “You have nothing to be afraid of”
  • “Don’t be shy, they won’t bite”
  • “Everyone is feeling the same way, you’re not alone”

Sound familiar? Sound like anything YOU might need to hear from someone right about now?

Break down your limiting beliefs and become the person you want to become, and live the life you want to live.

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Episode 019: Creating Relationships, Coaching, and Crushing Sales with Liran Hirschkorn

In this episode, I interview successful physical brand owner, coach, and mentor, Liran Hirschkorn.

I first met Liran through a fellow member of a mastermind that I am part of. After connecting with him, Liran and I hit it off. He is full of knowledge in the subject of all things Amazon, FBA, e-commerce, physical products, overseas suppliers, and pretty much all associated components around those subjects. He is a father of 2 kids, and was able to build his empire to the level it is at now while still being around, available and present for his kids as they continue to grow up. That’s right – you don’t need to become a distant parent in order to achieve your dreams. Myth: busted.

Throughout the interview, you will hear Liran discuss some of the niches he is involved in, and they are probably NOT what you would expect. The important takeaway here is that one (of many) successful strategies does not require that you be super passionate about your first product line or niche. You only need to worry about fulfilling a need in the marketplace, and when that system is up and running, you can then make a hard pivot into something you’re passionate about. This isn’t the only path or option, but it is a very good option, and is one that I see over and over again with entrepreneurs that I interview.

Liran is a highly successful coach, mentor, and strategist. He likely can help you with any of the services he provides. Get in touch with him:

-PM on Facebook here

-Amazing Freedom website here

-Amazing Freedom FB Page here

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Episode 018: Money Maker Series Pt.2 – Amazon FBA 2 of 3

This episode is a continuation of the Amazon FBA 3-part breakdown that is a subset of my “Money Maker Series”. If you have not yet checked out the first part of this Amazon breakdown, I recommend listening to episode 15 here.

In this episode, I move past the initial product discovery and supplier engagement phases, and move into some of the more specific steps required to get your product up and running on Amazon. The steps covered in this episode that will get you to that point in building up your first FBA listing are:


  1. Setting up your Amazon sellers account

  2. Building your very first Amazon product listing

  3. A deep dive into what makes an Amazon listing that sells

  4. A very rudimentary introduction into Amazon Sponsored Ads


These steps are the steps you should be taking while your first batch of inventory is on it’s way from the supplier. Yes, that is correct: you can set up your listings and begin to optimize them AND set up an initial sponsored ads campaign BEFORE your inventory arrives. You perform these actions in this order so that when your inventory arrives, all you have to do is make sure it gets into Amazon and then you can focus on sales, customer service and the other components that come along with making your first sales. It is an exciting time when you start to see sales come through and your brand begins to develop. Follow these steps, along with some additional creativity of your own around your brand, and see success take off in front of you.

As I have stated in the past, I am NOT an Amazon FBA expert, but I do run successful products on Amazon in which I take orders and make sales daily. If this is a scenario you would like to experience in order to bring in an additional funding stream, I can help you do that. Listen to this episode, take notes if you need to, or even listen to it multiple times, and feel free to reach out to me if you need an additional resource.

Coming up in Part 3 of this series, we will explore getting your inventory physically into Amazon’s hands, take a deeper dive into listing optimization, Sponsored Ads optimization, and begin fulfilling your first orders to customers. Stay tuned for that one coming up soon.

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Episode 017: My Top 5 Recommended Tools for Ultimate Productivity

In this episode, I go over my top 5 recommended tools for being ultra productive, day in and day out!

There are many lists on the internet of the “best tools you should use”, and some of them that I have personally seen are recommending as many as 50 different tools! Who has time to learn 50 different tools in order to try to start making progress in productivity?

I like to keep things as simple as possible. Eliminating complicated processes with too many moving parts is probably the best way to actually be productive. How exactly is that achieved? I was able to find a way to achieve this through the use of these 5 tools described in this episode. These tools are:

ONE: Evernote

This tool will allow you create notes that you can edit significantly such as making bold, italicizing, underlining, changing the color/font/size, add numbered lists, etc. Sounds straight forward, right? It is. Here’s the best part, once you write a note, you can now access that note from any other device that you own that has Evernote installed. Evernote is by far the easiest way to jot down notes and create agenda’s when you’re on the go, and then pick up where you left off when you get home or to the office with your other computer or device.

TWO: Trello

Trello is a fantastic tool for organizing projects. When you log in you can choose an existing board, or create a new board. FYI a “board” is essentially a giant white board that you are dedicating to one project. Once you select a board, you can now create, add, move around, and organize “cards”. Think of a “card” as a sticky note or post-it. Add as much content as you’d like to each card, and add as many cards as you’d like. Invite people to have access to your boards and cards, and see the productivity flow as people on your team begin to complete the tasks on each card, and archive them as they complete each one.

THREE: Google Drive/Docs

If you aren’t using Google Drive, then you better be using a better cloud-style online storage system that’s better, but I don’t know that there is one. Google Drive is 15GB in size (huge), is free, and has a massive built-in configuration and permissions management feature set. For transferring and sharing files with your team, there is no better bang for your buck tool than Google Drive. Google Docs is a supplement to Google Drive, which allows you to create basic Word or Excel (or any MS Office app) file and by default each file is set to integrate with and be part of your Google Drive account.

FOUR: Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a tool that I simply cannot live without. I use MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Powerpoint on such a regular basis that I don’t know what I would do if I woke up tomorrow and no longer had access to them. All of my blog posts and podcast show notes (including this one) are written in MS Word. I like the formatting better, I like the flow of the software, the built-in tools and layout options that are all in the app as default settings. Excel is something that I also use to create my own equations, macros and scripts to analyze financial data from my brands and income streams. Without these tools, I would simply be lost.

FIVE: A Physical Notebook

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats an old school notebook. When I have an idea for something and I’m home, I always go for the notebook before I go for any of my electronic tools. I do this because I get the most productivity done once my drafts and mistakes are out of my system. I often use a notebook to create event flow diagrams, launch strategy outlines, lists, agendas, logo sketches, product line expansion concepts, etc etc, the list goes on. I do this because my thoughts and visions transfer way better from my brain to a pen in my hand than they transfer to computer-based program. Once I get my drafts down on paper, scratch them out, create them again several more times, only then will I be happy with it and satisfied enough to create an electronic version of whatever it is that I am working on. Get a good pen and a nice notebook, and get productive today.

It is worth mentioning that Evernote, Trello and Google Drive are all free. Microsoft Office can be expensive (but worth it in my opinion), and a notebook will likely cost you a few dollars. All in all, these tools are a must for anyone that creates content and is building something for themselves. Go check them out TODAY.

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Take Care