Episode 014: What Do You Really Want?

In this episode, I break down a very simple but rewarding exercise that was shown to me almost 2 years ago. This exercise will 100% undoubtedly have you questioning your real motives, and help you identify what it is YOU actually want.

Have you ever felt like you were a little lost? You know you want something, and it probably involves more money and some sort of freedom, but you can’t really articulate what it is you really want or need. And if you are fortunate enough to be able to articulate what you want, you can’t back it up with real rationale or reasoning. If this is, or has ever been you, then this podcast episode IS FOR YOU.

I recorded this podcast episode specifically to help as many people as possible reveal to themselves what drives them. It is my personal belief that with this information, you can do anything. Once you understand what you really want, you can easily target the things that will provide that for you. In a silly sort of way, it is like going to a grocery store when you’re starving but you don’t know what you’re hungry for. In this scenario the grocery store is your life, and you are you. You know you want something from that store, but you have no idea what you really want. Everything looks interesting and good, but you can’t make a decision. Aisle after aisle you look for something and everything looks so good that eventually you get frustrated and start throwing too many things in the cart. After a while, you have so much in the cart that none of it is really appealing anymore because it’s just a big mix of random things. Maybe you get lucky and end up buying the thing you really wanted, but chances are you didn’t.

Life is funny like that. With kids, jobs, social commitments, family, etc, it gets very difficult to clearly see the things that will really provide fulfillment and happiness.

Listen to this episode to unveil some of the mysteries lurking in your head. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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Episode 013: How Kelly Fedio Went From Stay-at-Home Mom to 7 Figures

In this episode, I interview successful mom of 2, wife, and 7-figure physical products seller, Kelly Fedio.

Kelly and I met in a mastermind several months ago and I we found a common ground pretty quickly regarding entrepreneurship, family and lifestyle. Some of the things that we have in common are:

  1. We want to grow and scale our businesses and make money

  2. We want to be location independent with our businesses

  3. We don’t want to work 18 hours a day every day

  4. We want to maximize the time we can spend with our families

Sound like something you’re interested in? If the answer is yes, then you need to listen to this interview with minimal distractions.

Kelly’s success is monumental; but her process is simple (not necessarily easy). Kelly found the Amazon.com platform as a path to start the brand that she had been thinking of for some time. She had an idea for a women’s lifestyle brand so she sketched up a few ideas, sent her ideas to several suppliers and started to build relationships. After some back and forth and working with these suppliers, she settled on the ones that worked the best for her brand. A few samples later, she was ready to place a full order and begin the launch phase. She then created her Amazon listings, learned and capitalized on Amazon Sponsored Ads (Pay Per Click), and drove success that way. She continues to push all of her customer traffic to Amazon to have her orders fulfilled that way rather than an offline platform like Shopify. Why? She explains this in great detail in the interview.

Kelly sold just shy of 2 million dollars of product in 2016. She invested all of her profits back into her company (around $600,000 by the way). In 2017, she anticipates anywhere from 3 to 4 million in sales. She did all of this from an idea, by following a relatively basic outline. She iterates several times in this interview that CONSISTENT ACTION is the key to success, especially in this type of business model.

Does Kelly’s story inspire you at all? I would love to hear from you if this interview got you thinking at a deeper level. Comment in this post or email me.

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Want to work with Kelly? Get in touch with Kelly Fedio at her personal page  HERE

Till next time 😉


Episode 012: Amazon Merch – Money Maker Series pt. 1

This is Part 1 of a multi-part series that I am calling the “Money Maker Series” – specifically designed to break down my recommended top 5 easiest ways to make money online. Subscribe to also hear the rest of the episodes as they air over the next few weeks. And also share this with someone in YOUR life that could benefit from an additional funding stream.

In this episode, I break down Amazon Merch (or Merch by Amazon) and all it has to offer.

First and foremost, Amazon Merch is a long game, not a short game. You will not be making thousands per month right off the bat. However, with some patience, and some creativity, you CAN be making thousands within a few months. Ever want to get a second source of income to take care of that mortgage payment? How about that car payment? Amazon Merch can provide this.

All you need in order to sell successfully on Amazon Merch are the following things:

  1. An Amazon Seller Account

  2. Patience

  3. Creativity

  4. Willingness to Learn

Sound like something you can handle? Then let’s dive a little deeper. Here is the EXACT process to get started selling on Amazon Merch:

  1. Request an invitation at their website here

  2. Download the GIMP software here

  3. While waiting for your invitation, learn the GIMP software by researching, watching Youtube videos, practicing, etc. – all while using the shirt templates provided by Amazon Merch

  4. Begin creating shirt designs within the constraints of the Amazon Merch template and export them as .png files

  5. Once accepted to Amazon Merch, upload your designs and create your listings one at a time until you have populated your entire allowance

  6. Watch sales begin to rack up

That is the process, and costs nothing. Is it simple? Yes. Is it easy? Yes – somewhat. The “hard” part is being creative. Finding the shirts that sell, and continuing to capitalize on that trend takes patience and research. Not sure what kind of shirts to sell? Join the club! The best part about this program is that you can create ANYTHING you want, and test different markets. This is where the patience comes in – be patient, test new markets, do some research, when sales begin to accrue (and they will), begin making variations and new shirts around that market, and watch your sales grow.

As you continue to sell more, you will be allowed to hold a higher inventory count. The better you do, the more you can sell, and ultimately the more you can make per month. Once you have shirts that are moving regularly in Merch, they become a passive income stream. Ultimately, we all want passive income, and this program is the easiest way to begin getting some passive funding streaming into your household.

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Take care, and good luck selling!



Episode 011: 5 Ways to Make Money Online – Full or Part Time

In this article, I go over my top 5 ways of making money online. These 5 methods were selected by me and ordered 1 through 5 from easiest to most difficult. This is purely my opinion based off of businesses and brands that I have built, along with experiences that were shared with me by others who are close and within my circle of friends and fellow entrepreneurs.

After listening to this podcast and reading this blog post, I recommend that you go and perform some independent research on all 5 of the methods I described. This will do two things for you:


  1. Educate you on the methods that I described in the podcast

  2. Prepare you for the upcoming series of podcasts that I have lined up


I am preparing a series of podcasts that will take each of the 5 methods that I describe in this episode (episode 011) and break them down and explain how they work, what is needed to get started, and what sort of resources will be valuable to help get off the ground. Expect these very valuable, content-rich episodes to be airing starting Monday March 27, 2017!

My top 5 recommended ways to GET STARTED making money online are:


  1. Amazon Merch (Different from amazon.com)

  2. Amazon.com (private label, wholesaling, retail arbitrage)

  3. Creating an online course

  4. Teaching and Training

  5. Private or Semi-Private Coaching


That’s it, guys. These are all able to be achieved online, from anywhere in the world. The only one of these that really costs money to get started is #2 (Amazon.com) due to the up-front capital needed to buy inventory. The other 4 methods described cost such a negligible amount of money that really ANYBODY can scrounge up enough to get started.

Why am I posting this episode and why am I focusing on publishing an individual episode (or more) for EACH of these methods? The reason is, I have received feedback that parents and aspiring entrepreneurs are looking for methods of creating income with little up-front capital and are also looking for a more detailed method to approach making money. This series is designed to help you break out and get that momentum going.

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Episode 010: Interview with Maruxa Murphy

In this episode, I interview successful entrepreneur and mother of 3, Maruxa Murphy. Maruxa is a mother of 3, wife, works a full time job AND recently launched her own coffee company called Perky Perky. This coffee company exploded during it’s first month, netting 600 sales (very rare for this type of scenario). Additionally, she was capable of achieving individual sales as well as several subscription customers (and the numbers are continuing to climb).

Maruxa is one of those people that has a tremendous amount of drive. She explains how she conceptualized a coffee company using her spare brain power, and how this coffee company should target women because there currently are no companies doing that. Simple, right? She identified a hole in the marketplace, created a brand, launched it, and filled the hole. By doing this, she captured a massive audience and is now reaping the benefits of providing what that audience was looking for.

Maruxa does have an advantage of working alongside entrepreneurs and brand builders on a daily basis, but that is not something that is needed in order to do what she has done. She describes in the interview just how she went about building this brand from idea, to physical launch. You will find that one of the major components behind that is people that she intentionally puts around her. She found her partner in this business at a networking event. Are you attending networking events? If not, you should. In fact, you should go back and listen to Episode 9 of the podcast to find out WHY it is so important that you put the right people around you in order to move forward.

Are you a parent of 1 or multiple children, working, trying to maintain your social circle, and ultimately wanting freedom and to create the lifestyle you keep thinking of? Listen to Maruxa’s interview and ask yourself if you are incapable of achieving it. I’m telling you right now, the answer is no, you are NOT incapable of doing this. Let Maruxa be an example of what can be accomplished by putting in some effort in small windows of time at night after work.


Reach out to Maruxa Murphy and Perky Perky:

Perky Perky Coffee Website

Perky Perky on Facebook

Perky Perky Coffee on Instagram


The coffee is delicious, and the company has an amazing mission. If you drink coffee, I highly recommend you support their cause.



Gordon / Alex 😉


Episode 009: Who Do You Surround Yourself With?

Parents, 9-5’ers, dreamers: this is the episode you MUST digest and fully absorb. The information contained within will reconfigure your thinking habits in a way that will create an understanding of what is needed to move forward towards achieving that freedom lifestyle we all want.

In this episode, I discuss the types of people that you NEED to have around you if you have any intent on growing and moving forward.

Why do you need to have certain types of people around you? Placing the types of people around you that share the lifestyle desires as you will have a remarkable effect on how you think on a daily basis. In short, if you put people around you who are thinking big and trying to build a business, or create a brand, or become some sort of entrepreneur, all while balancing a family dynamic at home – you will become that way. Having these types of people around you will alter what is “normal” for you and cause you to essentially not know any other way other than what your environment is portraying.

In this episode, I discuss two of the (probably many) theories on why this happens. I chose these theories because they make some sense to me, and I found them particularly interesting. These theories are:

  1. The Human Brain’s Mirror Neuron System

  2. Darwinism/Evolution

I also provide examples on how this happens in real life, and where it is often found among people all around us.

How do you find the right people to put around you in order to stretch you in a positive way? Here are some methods that work very well:

  1. Masterminds – paid and free

  2. Facebook groups

  3. Conferences and business expos

  4. Ask around (yes this works)

Reach out to me if you need help trying to find the right place to find great people to put around you in order to grow. FYI I do NOT get paid for any recommendations 🙂

To reach me, simply go to the website at www.fitsuccessfuldad.com and click “contact” or email me directly here: Email

Surround yourself with greatness, and become great.



Episode 008: Be Grateful, Be Appreciative, Be Kind and Achieve Success

In this episode, I go over what I consider to be the most important mindset components in the world: kindness and gratitude. Up-leveling your mindset to include these things will improve your business, your relationships, your home life, and just about every other aspect of your life.

I was once informed that I didn’t show enough appreciation in the world on a daily basis. It was made clear to me that I appreciated obvious things which were usually of major significance, but never really showed gratitude for the little things on a daily basis. After this realization, I was faced with a second realization that a lot of people (maybe even the majority of people) in the US and around the world, particularly in first world countries, shared this characteristic.

Does this mean we are bad people? No. Does this mean we are incapable of appreciation things and others? Certainly not. All this means is that maybe our perspective has been molded into one that expects the things we have, and continues to seek bigger, better and more things. We push and climb in the pursuit of more, almost in a mindless tunnel-vision type of behavior. This could mean more money, status, clients, friends, toys, etc. Again, this doesn’t make us bad or lesser humans, because a lot of it is simply due to what we’ve known since early childhood days.

I am inviting you all to re-evaluate your mindset. I invite you to look around at the things you have: the people, the money, the material things, the health, your family. I invite you to take a moment to appreciate these things, no matter how minor or insignificant they may seem at first glance. I guarantee there are many people out there that do not have any of what you have, and are still appreciative of the things they DO have.

Why is this important? There are many reasons.

  1. First and foremost, it will set the tone in your head for positivity. Having a positive outlook day in and day out will work wonders on your mentality and how you approach interacting with others.

  2. Are you reaching out to influencers or ambassadors? Exhibiting gratitude and appreciation to these people, even if they can’t support your cause at that time or choose not to.

  3. Do you work with suppliers, publishers, editors, partners, investors or anyone else? Chances are that you do. Showing kindness to their work goes a long way.

  4. How about your kids? They will be there day in and day out and will watch your behavior. When times are good and when times are bad, they will see you. If you continue to show positivity, kindness and gratitude, even in bad times, they will recognize that and react with the same tone.

People aren’t fools, either. If you approach someone that you want to help you with something, and you go into the conversation with an “all-business” attitude and don’t demonstrate some kindness and appreciation, they will notice. Likewise, if you pretend to show kindness, but aren’t genuine, people will notice. Take some time and put in some effort – you will be rewarded VERY handsomely.


Episode 007: How This Mom Built a $500k/yr Brand and Plans to Hit $3M in 2017 – Interview with Lena Foley of Trevida

In this episode, I chat with an amazing woman named Lena Foley. She is a mother of 3, wife, and owner of a $500k+/yr (soon to be $3M/yr) brand called Trevida.

If you are a mom or dad and have some spare time, you can successfully build a physical products brand like Lena did. Take a listen to her story and I think you will find that this is a great example of the opportunity everyone has to create the lifestyle and financial freedom they might be looking for.

During this interview, Lena describes a problem she encountered with products she uses on her body not being natural and containing substances and chemicals that she did not feel comfortable using for herself or her family. Her solution? Create a brand of natural products that are equally (or more) effective than off-the-shelf unnatural products. She calls this brand Trevida.

Lena also describes how she built this brand from zero to $500k in 2016, and plans to hit $3M in 2017. She has strategies for marketing, cash flow, customer acquisition, and broadening her product listing in order to achieve this goal.

Beyond the business, Lena and I discuss how building a brand in your spare time creates a new variable in the family dynamic at home. Lena describes the challenges, how she balances both worlds, and the major benefits gained by living this lifestyle.

Some highlights from the interview:

[05:26] – Lena describes who she is and what has her excited in life right now

[13:30] – Lena talks about her financial growth strategy to go from $500k/yr to $3M/yr

[24:26] – Gordon asks Lena to talk about when the business really started to work, and the failures experienced along the way

[29:35] – Lena gets personal about her kids, working from home, and the balancing act

[41:43] – Gordon asks Lena for the exact advice she would provide to a room full of parents who are interested in entrepreneurship

Lena also provides individualized coaching in business and e-commerce, and she is very open to helping people out.

Connect with Lena and Trevida at:

Trevida – organic health and wellness lifestyle brand; use code FSDADS15 for 15% off through June 1, 2017 (I do not receive any money for this)

E-Mail – email Lena directly



If you are AT ALL interested in the natural products that Trevida provides, use code FSDADS15 through June 1, 2017 for 15% off your entire order

Enjoy the interview.


Episode 006: How to Accomplish a LOT with Micro Sprints

In this episode, I go over one of the issues that every entrepreneur, especially us with kids, are plagued with – NO TIME. Obviously this is a common issue, and it can be the catalyst for a lot of stress and anxiety. When we are doing things with our families sometimes we feel like we should be working on our business; alternatively, when we are working on our business we often feel like we should be spending time with our families.

To combat this issue, I have come up with a tactic that has helped me be extremely successful in terms of productivity, while using small fragments of time. I call this “micro-sprinting”. I wrote a blog post on this last month, which can be found HERE. Essentially, I found a way to get a lot of things in done in a small amount of time (10-20 minutes actually). The caveat? The time you spend requires you to be hyper-focused for the entire duration. Creating a small plan ahead of time that details out the specific things you would like to get done will help you utilize your small windows of time throughout the day to make significant progress, one small step at a time.

What is the actual time frame for a micro-sprint? How do you make sure you set yourself up to do this successfully rather than just screw around for 10 or 15 minutes and end up trolling Facebook by the end? I have the solution: check out this killer guide I created to help YOU find YOUR most productive micro-sprinting duration, down to the minute. I created the guide myself, tested it on multiple people, and the results I received were very positive. I also used this guide to create MY ideal micro-sprinting duration of 13 minutes. That’s right, 13 minutes. I frequently re-calibrate myself by using the steps in this guide, and I typically always resort back to 13 minutes.

Download the Micro-Sprint Guide Here

Yes, I work in 13 minute intervals quite often (but not exclusively). This is especially the case when my family is around and I end up with a small window of time, I will grind out for 13 minutes to send off those 3 or 4 critical emails, look up how that one WordPress widget really works and find an example, finish articulating that thought I had for a post or an episode, researching new influencers for one of my brands, etc.

If you got value out of this podcast, please subscribe in iTunes or Stitcher and share it with another parent or entrepreneur that would also get value out of it. My goal is to continue to reach as many parents who are undiscovered entrepreneurs in disguise, and help them create the lifestyle they want and carve their own path.

Download the Micro-Sprint Guide Here


Episode 005: How & Why To Set REAL Expectations

In this episode, I talk about the importance and criticality of setting REAL expectations, rather than overly attractive, sexy, but unrealistic expectations.

The textbook definition of the word “expectation” is: a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future. Who defines this belief? Why does that belief even exist? What is that belief based on? Is there supporting data to suggest it, or just a fleeting thought that it would be nice to have that belief come true?

When we set out to do things like a project or a new endeavor, a lot of times we become focused on one of the end-game components associated with that project. In theory, this is good because it forces us to push toward that objective; however, here is one issue with this that is so massive that it can be crippling to your efforts. The issue is that this extreme focus (tunnel visioning) fosters bad habits. These bad habits include: impatience, lack of focus, disinterest in smaller or less sexy tasks, and ultimately a drop-off in productivity. The false expectation of quickly getting to that shiny objective at the end has now taken over and got the best of us.

What is the difference between a real expectation and a false expectation? It’s a tough pill to swallow, but accepting the reality of how long something will take, and understanding that it may not be right the first time is so critical. This is similar to what was discussed in Episode 003: Intelligent Strategies Using Calculated Patience. Essentially, an expectation shouldn’t even be set at all if it’s not realistic enough to allow for the inevitable bumps and bruises along the way.

After interviewing over 2 dozen successful entrepreneurs as of the time of this entry and episode (who are also parents), the one thing that I have heard them all say is that they take their time, incorporate patience, and test different systems as they build their businesses or work through their projects. They set a goal, but they do not bind an expectation to it, because they have learned through experience that it will only lead to disappointment and frustration. They are parents after all, and bringing that kind of negative energy back into the relationship with their kids is toxic, and isn’t good for anyone.

Take it from the experts that I interview every week – real expectations get you to the results you want, and unrealistic expectations get you the results that will frustrate you to no end.