My name is Gordon Light. I’m the founder of SOBAM Gear Company and the host of the Fit Successful Dad podcast. Throughout my twenties I continuously thought about making money, but only for the purpose of getting stuff and having more. This was the driver and motivator for the majority of my actions. Ultimately, this led to more money and a serious lack of fulfillment.

In my thirties, I still constantly think about making money. The difference is that now I want more money because I understand what it ENABLES me to do. I have a vision of making a significant impact on this planet and the people who inhabit it. I believe that people are capable of amazing things, and only need to be shown what it really takes to get there (education), followed by some motivation (drive) to get the engine going. I am going to be the person that provides these two tools.

This, and because I have other passions that need to be fulfilled, are the reasons I do what I do. I’m a father, husband, business owner, currently working a full time job, and podcaster. I love to show people how all of this is possible while continuing to make progress and develop personally and professionally.

Thanks for checking this out, I’m pumped that you’re here.


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